myFriend for Deaf sign language users


If you are a Deaf sign language user, myFriend gives you:

  • Free video calls from your computer (myFriend) through fixed line connection or through Wifi or with a dongle, through 3G mobile broadband (data charges apply)
    Using your mobile application (myFriend Mobile, you can use your 3G connection (sim card needed) or Wifi
    myFriend and myFriend Mobile screenshots
  • Real Time Text (RTT) is a new standard to allow you to see all the text as it is typed.  It means you can make text calls even when the signal strength is too weak for video call
  • A video mailbox where, if you are unable to take a call, your friends can leave you video messages (in sign language, or spoken language or in text)
  • You can have direct conversations in text with textphone users and with RNID’s Talk by Text users.
  • Relay services are already operating (subscription may be needed) which allow you to talk directly to businesses or services through an interpreter or operator
  • The REACH112 project has to set up a pilot service for access to 999 emergency service
  • On myFriend mobile, you can use automatic speech to text translation with GOOGLE Translate.  This allows people to speak into the phone and have it displayed as text, for you to read.